Six teams eliminated from the DARPA Urban Challenge

  • Victorville (CA) – There are still two days left at the DARPA Urban Challenge qualifications, but officials are already eliminating teams because of poor performance.  DARPA has just told us that six teams have been eliminated and will no longer participate in any more qualification runs.  The eliminations will free up slots for the other more capable teams.

    “DARPA has determined that the following teams are not ready to compete in the Final Event, and will no longer participate in the NQE,” DARPA states in a press release.

    The eliminated teams include: 1) George Tech/SAIC Sting Racing, 2) Ody-Era, 3) SciAutonics/Auburn Engineering, 4) Team Berlin, 5) University of Utah and 6) Princeton University.

    The eliminated teams undoubtedly spent hundreds, if not thousands, of man-hours in preparing for the qualifications and that effort does not go unnoticed, especially with DARPA officials.

    “DARPA congratulates these teams for making it to the semifinals, and salutes them for their contributions to developing autonomous robotic ground vehicle technology that will someday save lives on the battlefield,” said DARPA.