Wal-Mart first to take legal action against "Black Friday" ad leakers

  • Bentonville (AR) - Wal-Mart has begun issuing cease and desist orders to websites that have leaked information about its all-important pre-holiday "Black Friday" sales.

    Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is typically the biggest and most orchestrated holiday sale day, with every major retailer offering heavy discounts and earlier store hours.  Over the past several years, websites have popped up specifically devoted to attaining information about these deals well ahead of the time the ads are supposed to be released in local newspapers.

    Some retailers, typically the ones that heavily rely on Black Friday for their holiday revenues, have become very vocal about ousting these websites, threatening lawsuits for leaking privileged information.  Wal-Mart is the first this year to demand these sites take down info about their day-after-Thanksgiving sales, which were made available to viewers earlier this month.  Affected sites include BFads.net, Gottadeal.com, and Dealtaker.com.