Youtube rolls out anti-piracy filter

  • Mountain View (CA) - For countless months it has just been mentioned in passing, but now Youtube's anti-piracy technology is actually up and running.

    The new filtering system is designed to give copyright owners the ability to automatically block their content from being posted by third parties.

    Additionally, the content owners can allow the clips to remain posted and create advertisements that will be posted alongside the video player.

    Copyright infringement headaches became infinitely greater for Youtube and parent company Google as the site began to gain momentum.  This led to a $1 billion lawsuit from Viacom, which is still ongoing.

    Viacom general counsel Mike Fricklas told the Associated Press he was happy with the rollout of the new technology.  "We are delighted that Google appears to be stepping up to its responsibility and end the practice of infringement," he said.

    According to reports, nine content providers took part in testing out the anti-piracy platform, including Walt Disney and Time Warner.