Google powers more than half of all global searches

  • Reston (VA) - Of the 61 billion searches in August, more than 35 billion of them were powered by Google, according to the latest data from Comscore.

    The data is part of a new monthly survey from Comscore that measures search activity on a worldwide scale, scoping out the top 50 Internet properties.

    According to the study, 95% of all connected Internet users globally use search engines.  That is more than 750 million people.  They generated a total of 61 billion search requests in August.  The data was released this week.

    The big difference about this study is that searches inside Ebay, Amazon, and Myspace are included.  In previous reports, numbers were just compared between "absolute" search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

    Google still took more than half of all searches, though.  Comscore reports that 37 billion of the searches were through Google and its subsidiaries like Youtube.  That's around 60% of all searches worldwide.  Yahoo was in second place, but by a large margin, at 8.5 billion searches.

    Chinese search engine Baidu ranked third with 3.3 billion requests, beating out Microsoft's 2.2 billion.  A Korean engine scored fifth at two billion searches, and Ebay edged behind it with 1.3 billion.

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