BitTorrent looks to legal video streaming

  • San Francisco (CA) - Notorious peer-to-peer service provider BitTorrent has shown a slide away from illegal practices in the recent past, and is taking that further with a new video streaming technology.

    The company today announced BitTorrent DNA, a video streaming platform that self-reportedly handles reliability issues that plague other rivaling technologies.

    BitTorrent was initially created as a new means of transferring large files, including, music and video content, and it spread like wildfire.  After the inevitable legal pressure arose from copyrighted files being illegally traded over the network, the company began turning a new corner.

    Earlier this year, it began offering a bona fide media download service where users pay for movies and music.  Some still criticize, though, that the company hasn't fully gotten its legal backbone fixed.

    Online video start-up Brightcove will be the first client for the new content delivery system.  Brightcove has a strong focus on providing Internet video to large companies to incorporate within their business as well as on company websites.