Live video test – Viva Las Vegas!

  • Las Vegas (NV) – During the year we go to dozens of conventions and conferences, but we’re going to test out live video streaming this afternoon.  Yes, we’ve done videos before, but now you are going to get a live feed from the show floor of Photoshop World in Las Vegas.

    The technology behind the stream is actually quite simple. We are running a regular Logitech webcam that has been taped to a backpack strap.  The cam faces forward and plugs into a Sony Vaio laptop.  Flash Media Encoder compresses the video and then uploads it to the video servers (thanks for the beta code guys!).  You can view the stream at the following link ( ).

    Since this is our first time using the technology we definitely want your comments on the video quality, live chat system and just the general look and feel of the page.  There’s not much we can do with the video quality because after all we are just using a plain jane web camera.

    We’ll start streaming around 3:30 PM Pacific Time and will go until the batteries run out.  We’ll start inside the expo hall and give you a brief introduction to the technology and the glitches we’ve discovered in the last few hours.  Then at 3:45 PM, we’ll head over to the Canon booth and check out their new cameras.  Nikon, Canon’s arch-rival, will be next at 4:00 PM.

    Finally, we’ll try to find and interview Justine from  She’s has her own live video stream and some of you may remember her as the blogger who received the whopping 300-page iPhone bill.

    So once again, catch up at 3:30 PM PST and if everything works out well, you’ll be able to help us by commenting on the video quality and any server issues.


    3:30 PM PDT - Live streaming begins.  Intro to the technology

    3:45 PM PDT - Canon shows us their newest cameras and lenses

    4:00 PM PDT -  We drool over Nikon's newest gear

    4:15 PM PDT - Hopefully we can interview Justine from

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