AMD market share holds firm

  • El Segundo (CA) - Even though AMD lost a lot of money last quarter, it managed to keep Intel from cutting deeper into its market share.

    Research firm iSuppli estimates that during the second quarter of 2007, AMD accounted for around 11.4% of worldwide microprocessor sales. That's an increase of 0.5 percentage points over the first quarter, and puts an end to a reign of falling market share for AMD.

    It's not exactly a huge victory for AMD. The company posted a loss of $600 million during the quarter. For a microprocessor manufacturer that's had a handful of hardships, though, the results weren't devastating either.

    "The second quarter essentially maintained the status quo of the first quarter, with no significant trade in market-share position between the two main microprocessor supplier," said iSuppli principal analyst Matthew Wilkins.