Boeing to ‘debut’ its 787 Dreamliner

  • Seattle (WA) – Boeing will be rolling out its upcoming 787 ‘Dreamliner’ plane this Sunday (07-08-07 clever eh?) in a special non-flying debut.  The demo plane will have most of the fuselage snapped together, but will be missing some key components including engines and seats.

    Boeing will tow the 186-feet long plane out of the paint hanger and show the plane to hundreds of dignitaries which will include executives from major airlines.  There are already 635 firm orders for the airplane which seats up to 250 passengers and uses 20% less fuel, according to Boeing.  Maximum range for the plane will be around 8500 nautical miles, which is enough to take you from Los Angeles to Bangkok non-stop.

    The 787 will have several interesting features including a mostly composite construction and a cabin altitude of 6000 feet which will increase passenger comfort.  Most airplanes today pressurize to 8000 feet which drastically reduces the humidity inside the cabin and makes you want to gouge your eyes out after a long international flight.

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