Google flips switch on solar power installation

  • Mountain View (CA) – Google has fired up a massive solar cell installation at its corporate campus in Mountain View.  The roof mounted cells generate 1.6 megawatts which is enough electricity for about 1000 homes.  Google says the solar cells will give about one-third of the campus’ electrical needs.

    Google began installing the 9212 solar cell modules last year on the building’s roof.  Each module is manufactured by Sharp and produces up to 208 watts of power.

    According to Google, this is the largest corporate solar cell installation in the nation and it is also investing in other environmentally friendly technologies through its philanthropic organization.  It has awarded $1 million in grants to various organizations that will promote public awareness of plug-in hybrid vehicles.

    Later this summer, will publish a request for proposal that will award up to $10 million for hybrid and electric vehicle technology and research.