London 2012 online logo removed due to epilepsy concerns

  • London (England) - Organizers for the 2012 London Olympic Games have removed a four-second animation of the event's logo from their website, after people raised concerns it could cause epilectic seizures.

    The London 2012 logo uses a brightly colored series of jagged objects used to symbolize the number 2012.  The online animation had the logo shifting between numerous bright colors in the span of a couple seconds.

    Professor Graham Harding, a neuro-physiology expert, told the AP that the clip would not even meet standards for TV.  "It fails Harding FPA machine test which is the machine the television industry uses to test images," he said.

    That comment let the Olympic committee to remove the clip from its website.  Activist group Charity Epilepsy Action also said that people had experienced seizures as a result of watching the animation.

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