Google captures 17% of online video market

  • Internet analysis firm Comscore today said that Google has become the leading online video property with 1.2 billion video streams and 57.4 million unique people streaming videos in March. The firm said that YouTube drove Google’s market share to 16.7%, reaching 53.5 million unique streamers and delivering 1.1 billion streams alone.

    Yahoo came in second with 434 million streams, followed by Fox Interactive Media, which owns Myspace, with 421 million, Viacom with 260 million, Time Warner with 222 million and Microsoft with 151 million.

    According to Comscore, 71.4% of U.S. Internet users streamed videos in March, with three out of ten users streaming from YouTube. Online viewers watched an average of 145 minutes of online video during the month; in total, more than 7 billion video streams were initiated by more than 126 million Americans, the research firm said.

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