New Star Wars TV show heading to hi-def

  • San Francisco (CA) - Sci-Fi mogul George Lucas is planning a new animated Star Wars TV series that will be available in high definition.

    The Clone Wars is slated for a network debut in the fall on 2008, reports TV Week.  Produced by Lucasfilm, the show will take place in between the second and third episodes of the movie series.

    Star Wars recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, sparking promotions and conventions around the country. At one such event at the Los Angeles Convention Center, attendees were shown the first preview of the new show. The trailer can now be seen at

    According to the International Movie Database, the original voices of Yoda (Frank Oz) and C3PO (Anthony Daniels) will reprise their roles in the new series.  It's unclear if there's any connection to an older series of Star Wars cartoon shorts under the title The Clone Wars.

    It is a symbol of Lucas's recent push to TV and away from movies.  Last October he was quoted in Variety magazine as saying, "We don't want to make movies. We're about to get into television."  In March of this year, he spoke at the Museum of TV and Radio and said, "the future is in television," declaring preliminary plans to bring Star Wars to a weekly TV show format.