Illegal music downloading on a downward slope: report

  • Washington (DC) - A new survey from the Business Software Alliance (BSA) shows that downloading of pirated content among teens has been cut drastically over the past three years, reports the Agence-France Press (AFP).

    In 2004, the BSA says than nearly 60% of web users between the age of eight and 18 acknowledged they were illegally downloading music.  In 2006, the number dropped to 43%.

    Increased fear of malicious files is reported as the main reason for the decline.  62% of surveyed users said they no longer download pirated songs because they didn't want to accidentally download a virus, and 51% were also worried about getting spyware.

    Increased legal pressure also accounted for the fall, with 52% saying they feared being in trouble with the law.  Right under that was an equally menacing authority, as 48% were afraid of getting in trouble with their parents.

    The survery also found that music continues to be the most popular Internet-pirated content, by far.  30% of the surveyed users said they illegally downloaded music, while only 11% said they did the same with software.  8% chimed in for admitting they illegally downloaded movies.

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