Staples opens up computer recycling

  • Framingham (MA) - Staples customers can easily recycle their empty ink cartridges and old cell phones, and now they can do the same with computers.

    Staples, the biggest office supply chain, today announced the new initiative, which it hopes will help cut down on the hazards posed by people who don't dispose of computers in an environmentally friendly way.

    However, unlike the previous recycling program at Staples, to drop off a desktop, notebook, or monitor will cost customers $10 for each item.  That's because it costs Staples considerably more to dispose of such a complex digital product.

    Of course, even a nominal fee like that will deter a lot of people.  "Some people will agree to pay that, but a lot of people will expect to be paid, because their computer may not be old, and computers can become obsolete so quickly now," said Robin Snider, a spokesperson for a computer recycling advocacy group, in an Associated Press story.

    The computer recycling program will make its way to all 1400 US locations in the coming months.

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