12-year-old arrested, suspended after MySpace threat

  • Centereach (NY) - A 12-year-old Dawnwood Middle School student in Centereach New York is in hot water after he threatened to shoot fellow students in his MySpace page.  The boy says it was all a joke, but school officials aren’t laughing and have suspended him for five days.  He is also being charged with juvenile delinquency by the city.

    The student had posted on his MySpace page that he would kill three of his fellow students on June 15.  His exact writing was “I shoot upmy school” (misspelling included). 

    A school district hearing is scheduled for next week to determine if the boy will face additional disciplinary action which could include expulsion or transfer to an alternative school.  He also must attend family court on May 30th for the juvenile delinquency charge.  Police officials say the student didn't appear to have the means to conduct the attack.