Dell PC headed to the Smithsonian

  • Washington (DC) - One of Michael Dell's first computers is heading to the Smithosian's National Museum of American History, where it will share the company of an original IBM PC, a 1980s Mac, and Bill Clinton's saxophone.

    Dell was invited to send a collection of materials to the museum this week, including his employee badge.  He also donated a 2007 model Dell PC, in addition to one circa 1985.

    "If we do our jobs right, I suspect that much of the technology developed right now in 2007 will be ready for the museum in another two or three years or so," said Dell in an Associated Press story.

    Though the final destination for the items is the National Museum of American History, they will be put up on display in the Smithsonian's Treasures of American History while the other building is in the middle of a major renovating project.  The artifacts will be transferred to their rightful location in mid-2008.

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