Update: Myspace launches new video copyright protection

  • Los Angeles (CA) - Myspace has launched a new service that it hopes will cut back on copyrighted videos posted on the site.

    The new initiative, titled Take Down Stay Down, will allow copyright holders to work with Myspace to help identify their videos automatically.  The technology focuses on videos that have already been posted and removed for copyright infringement. 

    After a video gets taken down, Myspace will add it to a database that will detect anyone else who attempts to post the same clip.

    "We have created this new feature to solve a problem that has long frustrated copyright holders and presented technical challenges to service providers – how to prevent copyrighted content from being re-posted by the same or a different user after it has been taken down by the copyright owner," said Michael Angus, general counsel for Fox Interactive Media, the News Corp group that oversees Myspace.

    The three-pronged program makes it easier for copyright owners to request clip removals, offers a video filtering service that detects videos that have already been removed, and the same sort of technology for copyrighted music someone uses in a clip.