EchoStar fights back against negative Comcast ads

  • In an inverted scene of the Time Warner vs. DirecTV battle earlier this year, satellite operator EchoStar has issued retaliatory remarks to Comcast ads that claim cable picture quality is better than satellite, according to online trade publication TV Predictions.

    In a recent TV ad, Comcast cites a March 2007 study that said participants preferred Comcast over two satellite providers, including EchoStar.  The study was conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates.

    In a shareholder meeting, EchoStar CEO Charlie Ergen reportedly blasted the cable company, saying Comcast has lost credibility.  EchoStar's promotional campaign claims a 2-to-1 preference for satellite over cable.  TV Predictions quotes Ergen as remarking, "Most cable executives have satellite (TV) in their homes."

    The era of HDTV has re-ignited the eternal cable vs. satellite debate.  Earlier this year, Time Warner debated DirecTV ads that shunned the performance of cable, and even took the satcaster to court on two separate occasions.

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