Barack Obama shuns biggest MySpace supporter

  • Washington (DC) - Barack Obama's campaign team has ignited a bit of a fire on MySpace, after they kicked out the man who started up Obama's online profile.

    Former Obama supporter Joe Anthony set up the MySpace page dedicated to the presidential hopeful more than two years ago.  In that time, more than 160,000 users signed up to be join Obama's friend list.

    Facing concerns of an outsider running Obama's MySpace page, the campaign team forced the site to hand over control of the account.

    Anthony, who says he spent hours per week on MySpace and trying to boost the candidate's online presence, now says he will not vote for Obama.

    MySpace did, however, remove much of the friend list that had been amassed under Anthony's reign.  His friend tally stands at around 35,000 as of Friday afternoon.

    Hillary Clinton, who was previously well behind Obama in the MySpace friends race, is now in the lead with around 40,000.