Disney’s social networking site promises to be kid safe, parent approved

  • Burbank (CA) - Disney has launched a new social networking site that promises to be safe for kids.  Disney Xtreme Digital or XD for short is a MySpace-like website aimed at kids under 14 years old.  Kids can play games, view videos and even listen to music with parental approval.

    Like other social networking websites, XD will have chat rooms, but with a unique twist.  Kids will initially be limited to canned phrases and avatars.  Free form chatting will be allowed only after parental approval.

    Disney Xtreme Digital is currently in beta form and we took a quick peek at the website linked here .  It does resemble a media-heavy and very bluish version of MySpace.

    Why would Disney want a social networking website?  Merchandise sales would be the obvious answer because everything inside XD is Disney themed from the characters to music.  Kids can acquire points which can be used to buy new avatars and small items like stickers.  Disney also pushes movie previews to new visitors so don’t have your speakers on high on your first visit.

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