iGoogle – Google renames personal homepages

  • Mountain View (CA) - Google has revamped its personalized homepage service by adding customizable gadgets and changing the name to iGoogle.  The gadgets can be placed almost anywhere on the Google homepage do everything from showing pictures, songs and even YouTube videos.  The gadgets can even be shared with friends.

    The new iGoogle feature can be accessed by clicking on the iGoogle link in the upper-right corner of your Google page.  Afterwards pre-built gadgets can be added by clicking the “Add Stuff” link.  The customizable gadgets are accessible via the “Make Your Own Gadget” link at the bottom.

    MySpace users may get a sense of déjà vu as the new customizable gadgets can turn the once simple white Google page into a messy mass of multimedia.  Users can add framed photos, blogs with text and photos and even links to YouTube videos complete with picture previews.  The gadgets are automatically added to your iGoogle homepage after creation.  You can also email the newly created gadgets to your friends – can you say social networking?

    Tens of millions of users have taken advantage of Google’s personalized homepage feature, but the service hasn’t been without its hiccups.  Just last week thousands of users temporarily lost their homepages after Google fumbled some server settings.

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