British woman wears a real tin foil hat

  • London (England) - Sarah Dacre’s silvery hat and face net aren’t a fashion statement; they are a necessity that block harmful electromagnetic radiation.  The 51-year-old London resident says modern devices make her sick often giving her intense headaches and dizzness.  For the past two years she been a virtual prisoner inside of her tinfoil lined house and only ventures outside in short spurts.

    Dacre is one of the growing group of people calling themselves electromagnetically sensitive – people who are physically harmed by radio waves.  She says wireless routers hurt the most with cellphones coming in second.  To protect herself she painted her house walls with a special tin-foil lined paint and plastered silver netting on her windows.

    When she must travel out, Dacre wears a special silver head and face net.  The trips are often short and hectic because she must constantly avoid getting close to anyone with a cell phone.

    Read more … Daily Mail.

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