Couple looking to adopt on MySpace

  • Detroit (MI) - A couple have taken their search to adopt a baby girl onto the social networking site MySpace, after spending five years attempting unsuccessfully to conceive a baby of their own to add to their family of three boys.

    Sherry and Karl Dittmar have adopted two boys, Ronald aged 11 and Joseph aged 9, and conceived one of their own, Wyatt, aged 5. They would now like a baby girl to complete their family.

    "Dear birthmother," the MySpace posting begins. "We cannot imagine how difficult making an adoption plan for your child must be. ... Thank you for including our profile in your search for the right family to raise your baby."

    The couple told AP that they had already received 1,700 messages in response to their profile, though only one had been from a pregnant mother considering offering her child up for adoption.