Mark Burnett consults Myspace for new reality show

  • Los Angeles (CA) - Mark Burnett, the creator of Survivor and The Apprentice, is turning to social networking site MySpace for his next big project.

    "Independent" is a politically charged show that will pit contestants against each other in a simulated run for the White House.  The prize will be the reality show staple of $1 million.

    The show will be set mainly in virtual space, but Burnett is looking for a TV network partner.  Potential contestants will be able to submit videos to be chosen for the show, and those selected will have to decorate their MySpace profiles as mock campaign headquarters.

    "The largest number of eyeballs able to be reached at any one time is still network television. But clearly, the world's largest social networking community is found on MySpace and this huge, powerful group of young Americans will definitely generate strong opinions, and unquestionable influence," said Burnett in a press release.