INHD pushes for high definition ads

  • New York (NY) - INHD, the hi-def channel owned by a conglomerate of cable providers, is asking advertisers to make the jump to HD, in the first initiative of its kind.

    Premium HD channels, like INHD and HDNet, offer 24-hour high definition programming, but most commercials are only available in standard definition.  According to Media Week, INHD will begin accelerating its efforts to get ads in HD.

    "When you're in an HD environment and it throws to a standard-def ad, it's a flashing neon sign that says, 'What you're about to see is of lesser value than what preceded it,'" said ad sales VP for INHD Amy Carney.

    INHD, which will change its name to Mojo on May 1, already airs a handful of HD commercials, including ones from Lexus and Toshiba.