MySpace-advertised party trashes house

  • Durham County (England) - It seems we get a wacky MySpace story everyday and this is a good one.  A 17-year-old girl is in big trouble with her parents after hundreds of people responded to a MySpace-advertised party and trashed the house.  The vacationing parents claim the girl invited MySpace members to come to an Easter weekend party through her profile page.  200 party goers flocked to the northern England home and apparently caused almost $40,000 in damage which, according to the parents, will take more than a month to fix.

    The parents returned Tuesday morning and discovered a trail of destruction around the house including cigarette burns on the carpet, stolen jewelry and urination stains on a wedding dress.  They also say some party goers swung from light fixtures and broke furniture.  

    The daughter denies posting the message and is staying at a friend’s house.  The parents are vowing to press charges against the revelers.

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