Best Buy sends Geek Squad to Second Life

  • Minneapolis (MN) - Best Buy's Geek Squad computer support service is heading to digital space, as the corporate presence in Second Life gets even bigger.

    The Geek Squad island will offer free technical support to Second Life users from the unusual hours of 6 PM to 3 AM (EDT) every day.  The virtual Geek Squad agents will wear the same outfit as real employees at Best Buy, with white shirts, black pants, and a Geek Squad badge.

    The Geek Squad island will be staffed with workers who are employed by Best Buy, though they will be off the clock in the online game.

    Best Buy said it will also hold special events and roll out additional services later this year.

    Second Life plays host to over a dozen virtual corporate spaces, including Sun Microsystems, Dell, Philips, and even the National Oceanic and Aeronautic Administration (NOAA) and the Swedish government.

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