TG Daily v2 live now!

  • Finally, here we are! After months of testing, the redesigned TG Daily is now online. Easier to navigate, easier to read, easier to communicate and, yes, there are a few new features as well.

    Well, “redesigned” may be a bit understated.  TG Daily has not only received a makeover on the surface, but also deep down below. It sits on its own new servers and has received its own fancy new backend.

    While we are still connected to Tom’s Hardware (and you still will see TG Daily news on the Tom’s Hardware pages), we now have the ability to get articles online faster and react more quickly to new trends and technologies that make it easier for you scan through up-to-the-minute news about the IT industry, learn about the stories behind the news and talk to other TG Daily readers.

    The new look

    Looks are a matter of taste. Gladly, most of you who wrote us in the past few weeks appear to like the new look of TG Daily and its logo, but obviously not everyone will be happy. But look behind the plain graphic design and we do hope that you will find it much easier to find not only the current content but also topics that are developing and others that have happened in the past.

    Advertising, not surprisingly, was brought up in many beta feedback emails. Keep in mind that we cannot drop advertising completely as we have to pay some bills occasionally. However, on the front page, you will notice that the number of ad locations has gone down from eight to three. We believe that advertising carries value for readers as it can offer information that is interesting to you and in the end, it enables us to continue to provide free access to our content. What’s not to like about that?


    You will notice a few new categories over the old TG Daily. We have spread out to accommodate the increasing number of stories as well as make the content more transparent. Security stories are now in “Security” and not in “Hardware” anymore. The same goes for consumer electronics or software.

    Numerous readers told us that they like the daily and weekly overview of stories, which allows you to just scan through the headlines. Accordingly, we have rethought our previous concept and now offer one-click access to a weekly or daily overview as well as an overview of all slideshows. It’s not quite perfect yet, but we are working on these things.

    Also, the right column in each window now shows you additional popular and related content you may be interested in. We now list the most popular stories of the week, related articles as well as keywords that are linked to the most important topics of the week. Click on those keywords and you’ll get to all related stories of the past seven days.

    Search has also been vastly improved. So far finding a past article has been a matter of luck sometimes; we now feel confident that you will find an article you may be looking for in considerably less time.

    New feature: Discussion

    Besides the additions I have talked about above, I’d like to highlight especially this one: We have added a discussion board as standard feature of every article. We are a bit late to the party with this one, but better late than never, right?

    We chose to implement this feature without a login requirement; however, comments will only be posted after approval of a TG Daily editor. This does not mean that we will generally hold back any comments, but we know that some of you can get emotional once in a while, which could insult others and, in some cases, even violate laws. So, let’s be nice to each other and we will try to release the comments as quickly as we can.

    More to come

    We are proud to have this new foundation online and we already have more than a dozen improvements, enhancements and extensions already in the works. We are planning to roll out new features every four weeks and we encourage you to let us know what you think.

    However, features are only one part of the planned additions. We will expand our content coverage over the coming weeks and months as well.

    We have some exciting weeks ahead of us. Stay with us, let us know what you like and what you don’t. We are looking forward to hear from you – simply send us an email to