CES 2007: CarMD finds the problem, then tells you what parts and labor should cost

  • Las Vegas (NV) - Two crappy things in this world: (1) Your car breaking down and you not knowing why; and (2) going to get it fixed and being charged an arm, a leg and some other essential regions in order to get it fixed. CarMD is a product which aims to fix this by first of all being able to tell you what the problem is when your car starts to flash warning lights; and then gives you ball park figures for the cost of parts and labour via an online service.

    This is a good thing too, because apparently 6% of all cars in the US have their "Check Engine" lights on as we speak, and mechanics usually charge $55 to $100 just for the priveledge of scanning the car computer to see what's wrong. CarMD also connects to the car, but hooks up to your computer via a USB port as well. CarMD's online database cross references the parts with your vehicle in order to figure out what fixing the problem will cost by looking through a database compiled by technicians across the country.

    The CarMD costs $90 and one can register up to three vehicles on one subscription, running up to six reports each month.

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