CES 2007: Microsoft, Broadcom aim to lower cost of HD DVD players

  • Las Vegas (NV) - Microsoft today said that it is working with Broadcom to develop a hardware and software reference design to enable "more cost-efficient HD DVD playback," or in other words, decrease the cost of integrating HD DVD players into consumer electronics and computing devices.

    The platform will use Broadcom's BCM7440 system-on-chip and rely on Microsoft's Windows CE 6.0 on the software side. According to Microsoft, the joint-effort should allow "original design manufacturers and systems integrators to more easily and affordably deliver HD DVD playback." Lite-On is among the first manufacturers to have confirmed that it will be using the platform in its devices.

    Microsoft said that it will be also developing high-end HD DVD platforms and is working with Meridian Audio to deliver such solutions to the enthusiast market.

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