Japanese store sells humanoid robots

Posted by Aharon Etengoff

Japanese department store Sogo & Seibu has kicked off a New Year's promotional campaign by announcing the sale of two "customizable" humanoid robots.

The robots - designed by Kokoro  - are to be manufactured out of silicon and will only be able to move their upper bodies. ?The artificial constructs will also be capable of speaking, albeit in a limited fashion. 

Japanese store sells humanoid robots

According to PopSci's Jeremy Hsu, buyers can supply their own recorded voices to ensure that the robot twin arrive with a "witty" repartee.

"Japan's obsession with robotics has led to one of the ultimate sci-fi fantasies (or nightmares): life-size robots customized to look like you and speak in your own voice. This still seems a far cry from the freaky fembots of the revisionist Stepford Wives and Austin Powers, not to mention the classic Metropolis," wrote Hsu.

??"So as long as you have $225,000 to spend for an 'actroid,' feel free to knock yourself out - if boredom takes over, you can always stuff the robot into a Santa suit."??

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