A personal touch: Customer recognition by major companies

  • Chicago (IL) - Yesterday, American Airlines announced that its frequent-flier customers who call in for flight information would be able to get faster service due to a new speech-recognition system. In addition, by using caller ID, the automated attendant will greet them by name during the transaction.

    The system is called "Remember Me" and recognizes up to three pre-programmed phone numbers for AAdvantage frequent-flier customers who sign up for the service. By simply calling the number, the system will automatically relay gate and flight information without any prompting.

    No keys are required, just dial the number and hear, "Hello, Mr. Smith. Your flight D187 to Denver will be departing from gate A14 at 11:07am. Check-in time is 9:07am due to heightened security at the airport today. Is there anything I can assist you with?" And with the voice recognition feature, the system will be able to direct any questions if required.

    A Microsoft-owned company, Tellme, provides the technology behind the new system. Previous installations of Tellme have included other types of businesses, including Domino's Pizza.

    Similar systems from NEC have been seen recently, however their design attempted to specifically target age groups and sex for personalized advertising. It is likely we'll be seeing more and more of these kinds of products due to their success both financially and from the consumer's "They like me, they really like me" belief.

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