Google Maps photographer hits baby deer - recorded on Google Street View

  • Rush (NY) - Making its way around the blog circuit recently are a series of Google Street View photos taken from Five Points Road located in Rush, New York. The photos show that the Google Street View driver and photographer hit a baby deer, and then recorded the entire event for everyone who uses Google Maps to see.

    When you follow the street view scene (intermittently unavailable due to high demand) down Five Points Road, in Rush NY, you first see that the deer runs out in front of the vehicle, it gets hit, and then it can be viewed on the side of the road prior to the car pulling over, and then, you see no more footage on Five Points Road.

    The sequence has been captured also on Gizmodo. I warn anyone visiting that site that it's not the most pleasant as the dear is seen injured lying on the ground.

    Maybe the photographer felt bad, and couldn’t take any more photos for the day. One would think he would have held out on turning these in too.