Online funeral webcasts growing in popularity

  • Chicago (IL) - Many times individuals lose loved ones and for certain reasons are unable to make the trip to the location of the funeral. For those individuals, this can be a great stress and is often times very painful.

    Some funeral homes are attempting to combat this anguish. Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service, for example, now offers the option of live webcasts for its funeral services - complete with archive services for later viewing.

    Access to each online funeral is restricted. Viewers have to enter a password 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the service. This keeps services private.

    The funeral home claims that so far the concept has been well received. As a result, other funeral service providers are likely to take their lead and head in the same direction.

    The company, which has 11 different locations, first made the decision to offer the service to families who had relatives serving in the military. The service was used recently to show the funeral of Jimmy Crum, sportscaster, to individuals who had been invited by the family to watch.

    They're now taking the service to a greater level and beginning to broadcast funerals conducted at outside locations, thus growing the service. Currently the service is conducted at no extra charge for those interested. However, eventually it will cost.

    Funeral Broadcasting is becoming popular nationwide and some funeral homes have been offering the variations of the service for a while.

    It's a great idea for individuals to remain connected to the event, even though they cannot physically attend. Or to view the service again after the fact with family and friends.