Cold wave sweeping nation, sets record lows

  • United States - A record cold front sweeping down from Canada is blanketing much of the United States. At least one new state record (by 2 degrees Fahrenheit) for the coldest temperature ever recorded occurred in Illinois, where in Rochelle temperatures dropped to -38 degrees Fahrenheit today, January 16, 2009.

    Even colder temperatures were reported than Illinois' state record. In Bismarck, ND temperatures dropped to -44 degrees Fahrenheit. In Clayton Lake (western Maine) temperatures also dropped to -44 degrees Fahrenheit. Concord, NH saw -22F, while Long Island reached -14F with fresh snow. Temperatures at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, IL were -17F. Cleveland, OH saw -13F as did Detroit, MI. In Iowa City, temperatures dipped to -24F. In Omaha, Nebraska temperatures were -13F.

    The wind chill factor has driven temperatures in many northern mid-western states into the middle double digits below zero (-50F and colder in some areas).

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