Burger King's Friend Sacrifice application raises Facebook privacy concerns

  • Palo Alto (CA) - In the past few weeks - ever since Burger King (BK) launched a Facebook application which allowed individuals to delete 10 friends on Facebook in exchange for a free whopper - over 233,000 individuals have found themselves dropped as friends. And one BK feature has raised privacy concerns by Facebook.

    The application not only drops your friend in exchange for the free whopper, but it also notified the individual that they had been "sacrificed" in this way. Facebook's normal code does not notify friends when they are dropped.

    It was Facebook’s opinion that the notification feature in the BK application violated its privacy policy.

    In a statement released Thursday, Burger King said: "While Facebook was a great sport, they did ask for changes that would have resulted in a different approach to our application, counter to what we developed. Ultimately, based on philosophical differences, we decided to conclude the campaign and chose to 'sacrifice' the application [instead of more friends]."

    It appears that we'll have to wait for new online campaigns before we can get free whoppers again.

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