T3 Motion updates its police trike, electric arc of death coming soon

Posted by Humphrey Cheung

Santa Monica (CA) – Police and security departments are being hit hard by high gasoline prices, but an electric trike from T3 Motion promises to solve that problem.  The stand-up people mover zips around at up to 25 MPH and can hold up to 450 lbs (rider + gear).  We first covered Costa Mesa, California-based T3 Motion last year and the company has since improved the design.  The shell is made of a new plastic and you can add a detachable ballistic shield to the front of the trike.  “I’m not sure of the bullet resistance rating, but it can take some serious projectiles,” Jeff Simpson, T3 Motion’s marketing manager, told us at the Alternative Car Expo in Santa Monica.

The trike now also has a video camera that sees in both visible and infrared spectrum.  Video is recorded to flash cards in a DVR mounted in the “glove compartment” of the trike.  Simpson told us the trike is used by police and security departments that want to be mobile, yet still approachable by the public – “community policing” as some people like to call it.  But you can turn the T3 trike from a community policing vehicle into something resembling “Batman Dark Knight” with some upcoming gadgets that are yet to be officially announced.

An upcoming riot control version of the T3 will be able to shoot up to 200 electrified prongs to take down dozens of rioters in one shot.  Four firing modules will be affixed to the front center of the body and the operator will fire them out in a big arc.  Simpson couldn’t tell us the exact company they are working with, but did say, “They’re big and everyone knows them.”

But that’s not all folks, paintball projectile launchers will also be added.  The guns will be mounted to the sides of the trike and will fire undisclosed projectiles.  We think the logical choice would be pepper spray or tear gas-filled balls, but Simpson was mum on the type.

The economics of the T3 are quite startling when compared to traditional patrol vehicles.  “It is like comparing Apples to Meteorites,” Simpson told us.  He said a large mall in Southern California was spending $65 a day in gas for a Ford Escape security vehicle.  The security department replaced that vehicle with a T3 and is now spending just 40 cents a day in electricity.  Combine the fuel savings with decreased maintenance costs and you can see why police, ems and security departments really like this vehicle.

The T3 trike sells for $9000 and that comes with one battery.  Extra batteries cost $1175 each.