Hello Kitty overload at Hot Import Nights

  • Pleasanton (CA) - Just how much Hello Kitty can you put on a car?  Well from a 2004 Toyota Scion xB that we saw at recent Hot Import Nights show in Pleasanton, a hell of a lot.  Everything from the engine block to the wheels in this car was decked out in Hello Kitty memorabilia and colors.  Even the tailpipe was fashioned to look like the famous mouthless cat (complete with whiskers!)

    Walking up on the car, the first things we noticed were the pink wheels and the pink bicycle on the bike rack.  But that's just the start of the pinkness on this car because the interior is covered in pink cloth.  All four headrests have Hello Kitty covers complete with the pink ribbon of course.  And there are dozens of hello Kitty stuffed dolls sitting in the front and back seats - we shudder to think what happens if the owner has to do a quick and hard turn.

    The trunk contains even more Hello Kitty merchandise, everything from a Hello Kitty water cooler, coffee maker, and even a tea kettle. Of course, all of this stuff is expensive, but don't worry, the owner has a nice Hello Kitty baseball bat to protect it all

    Vivian Ching, a schoolteacher for the Oakland Unified School District, has spent approximately $5000 on the car.  She’s obviously a big Hello Kitty fan and she basically stumbled into car modding.

    “I already have a Hello Kitty house, why not add a few touches to the car? And then it grew into the entire car being Hello Kitty. I entered my first car show as a joke thinking people would get a good laugh. By the end of the show, I had snagged 2nd place as People's Choice. From there on, I started adding more and more, and the trophies gradually went from 5th place to 1st,” Ching told TG Daily.

    Ching is now thinking about adding a stereo system, television and a new paint job to the car, but adds that it’s going to be tough with just a teaching salary.

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