Charge your cell phone using kinetic energy

Posted by Samantha Rose

Chicago (IL) - Earlier the year, Idaho-startup M2E Power said it was working to develop military electronics that were motion-powered. Now the company M2E is planning to utilize its technology in commercial applications, with one goal in mind - to change the cell phone battery. M2E plans to announce the development of an external charger that is capable of generating between 300 and 700% more energy than the current kinetic energy technologies later this month.

ME2's design consists of a single small coil/magnet generator that is combined with traditional battery storage. Energy is produced from the magnets motion as it passes through the coil. The traditional battery storage is capable of capturing even low frequency kinetic energy, so that the majority of daily human motion can be converted into electricity that is capable of powering electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players or PDAs.

M2E plans to incorporate the technology into segments as well and will enable individuals to throw out their AAA, AA, and D batteries entirely.

M2E hopes to deliver their first motion-powered military product to market this year. Cellphone battery version may be still two to three years away.