New precast concrete removes carbon dioxide from the air

  • Chicago (IL) - Carbon Sense Solutions, a group of Canadian environmental consultants, might have just stumbled upon a carbon storage method that could aid in the reduction of global carbon emissions by as much as 1% each year. Their new method has been deemed Carbon Accelerated Concrete Curing, and it works by accelerating the curing process and storing carbon dioxide simultaneously. The method would apply only to precast concrete but could have a huge environmental impact globally.

    This method has also been referred to as concrete carbonation is actually a naturally occurring process as concrete cures. Until now, the method has not been considered economical. Carbon Sense solutions says that they have developed a quicker method of storing more carbon in concrete by utilizing off the shelf technology that consumes far less energy. They also claim that the concrete is more durable, and will defend itself better against both cracking and shrinking, and won’t be as water permeable.

    Concrete is used more today than any other man made material, the Chinese by themselves are responsible for utilizing 40% of global concrete today. The material is also responsible for around 5% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Any amount in the increase in its carbon storage capabilities could make a difference.

    If Carbon Sense is capable of delivering what they claim, then the process “has the potential to sequester or avoid 20% of all cement-industry carbon dioxide emissions.” And that we would definitely call environmentally friendly concrete.