Ebay life seller still has his life

  • Perth (Australia) – 44-year-old Ian Usher tried to sell his life on eBay, but things didn’t exactly turn out like he hoped.  The Perth resident wanted to sell his belongings, job and even friends to the highest bidder.  He hoped to use the money earned to embark on a “100 Goals in 100 Days” journey, but now the auction winner, along with five of the other highest bidders, have refused to pay the amount.

    We first wrote about Usher’s crazy auction back in June when he popped up all of his worldly possessions on eBay.  He had hoped to earn approximately half-a-million dollars from the sale, but the top bid was just $399,300 which was less than the asking price of the house he was selling.  The winner couldn’t come up with the money so Usher went down the list of highest bidders.  All had various excuses about why they couldn’t pay – some said they couldn’t obtain the necessary visas to enter Australia.

    So Usher is now selling his stuff through traditional means.  He’s listed his house with a local real estate agent and is selling his belongings in local classifieds.

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