Real video of a blinking space alien to be shown today

  • Denver (CO) – Everyone get your popcorn ready because a Denver man claims to have authentic video of a real live, breathing and blinking space alien and he’ll be showing it off to the media today.  Jeff Peckman, who is trying to push his ballot initiative to set up an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver, says he’ll also reveal other evidence of extraterrestrial life to reporters.

    The video was originally shot by Stan Romanek who just happened to have a camcorder lying around when a four-foot tall, grey alien walked up and peeped into his window.  According to Peckman, the video will show the alien blinking and breathing.

    The video has been shown to a Colorado film school instructor with several decades of Hollywood video editing and special effects experience.  He says the video appears to be unaltered and adds that an animatronic alien would probably cost upwards of $50,000, money that Romanek living on a government pension probably doesn’t have.

    Unfortunately, the public will probably not be able to see the video for a while because Peckman and Romanek will ask reporters to refrain from filming during the presentation.  Romanek is currently in negotiations to produce an alien documentary with his video clip as the main evidence.  According to Peckman, the documentary will be available in a few months and will contain the entire clip.

    One question that crosses my mind is that if Peckman and Romanek think this is so mind-blowing, why not just release the video now?  Pop it up on YouTube and let the public decide if the thing is real or not.