Fire up the BBQs and leave your computers on for Carbon Belch Day

  • Los Angeles (CA) – We’ve all heard of Earth Day and ‘Lights Out’ demonstrations where entire cities try to save greenhouse gasses by turning off all lights for one night, well one group is trying to do the opposite with its 'Carbon Belch Day'.  In an effort to counter what it says is growing green propaganda, wants people to use as much carbon as possible on June 12th.  This includes turning down the AC by 5 degrees, leaving all your computers on and inviting all your friends over for a BBQ hopefully with lots of meat on the grill.

    So far people have pledged to produce 89 million pounds of CO2 on the Carbon Belch Day website here.  And while environmentalists are probably fainting over this amount, the group says it wants the world to know that all this talk about carbon and carbon credits is just a bunch of ... smoke.  “CO2 isn’t even a pollutant – life needs CO2,” says

    To help calculate how much carbon you’ll be wasting on Belch Day, the group has even posted up a carbon footprint calculator of its own.  Unlike other calculators which make you feel guilty, this one shows how much fun you’ll actually be having while driving around and leaving all your electronics on. says on its website, “Climate Alarmists have created dozens of websites to help you calculate your carbon footprint -- all as a basis for you feeling even more guilty about being a human being who is desecrating the planet in the 21st century.”