Delta Airlines receives multi-million-dollar aircraft simulator

  • Atlanta (GA) - Delta took delivery of a new CAE Electronics aircraft simulator, which is considered the most advanced system currently available. Tailored to simulate Delta's existing N701DN aircraft (Boeing 777-200LR), the CAE system is based on electromagnetic engines instead of hydraulics as well as AMD Opteron processors and ATI Radeon / FireGL graphics engines.

    This is the first aircraft simulator we know of that uses USB as the input/output interface, and not Ethernet. As a result, the brand new electromagnetic movement systems connect to control systems just like a joystick found in most enthusiast flight simulators. Truth to be told, Delta’s toy is a bit more expensive joystick.

    The cost of these flight simulators runs in the millions of dollars, but at the end of the day, they still cost less than running training flights in a real world scenario. According to a blog post, the FAA certification of this simulator is imminent. The system is already running, just days after arrival at Delta's Operations Center 3.