A business card that can outlast you and your company – MetalPhoto’s nano-etched cards

  • Las Vegas (NV) – Business cards are usually flimsy and unappealing, but MetalPhoto has developed a process that makes them much sturdier, heck these cards will probably outlive the human race.  The company’s nano-etching process cuts 26,000 grooves per square centimeter into sheet metal and can reproduce high-fidelity images.

    MetalPhoto can etch stainless steel business cards, dog tags and even building-sized murals

    The South Korean company has created everything from small coin sized pictures to building-sized murals for large corporations and government buildings.  Color images can also be created.

    Company reps claim the photos will last up to 1,000 years outdoors and 20,000 years indoors.  Since the pictures are cut into grooves, you actually have to grind deep into the metal to have any chance of destroying the image quality.

    MetalPhoto plans on opening an office in the United States and customers will be able to upload any JPG photo and have custom business cards delivered in a few weeks.  Currently the price is $2 per card with a 1000 card minimum, but reps said the price will probably drop as volume increases.