Uruguay becomes pilot OLPC customer, orders 100K PCs

  • Montevideo (Uruguay) - The Uruguayan government has become the first to place a mass order of "$100 laptops", purchasing 100,000 computers for children aged 6 to 12.

    The project, founded by Nicholas Negroponte, originally aimed at providing laptop computers to children in developing countries at $100 a pop.  The computer became known as the "$100 laptop", however the price has been driven up over the past several months and it now stands at $188.  The computer is also called the XO laptop.

    Negroponte called Uruguay's move groundbreaking and said "We commend Uruguay for being the first country to take concrete actions to provide laptops to all its children and teachers and look forward to other countries following this example."

    Miguel Brechner, president of an education and technology project in Uruguay called Ceibal, said the 100,000 computers was just an initial order and that Uruguay will purchase 300,000 more "to cover the rest of the country later in 2008 and Montevideo in 2009," reports the BBC.

    American customers can still participate in the "Give 1 Get 1" program, wherein they purchase one XO laptop for themselves must must also buy another one for a child in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Haiti, or Rwanda.