Woman scammed QVC for $400,000+ in Internet glitch

  • Philadelphia (PA) - A North Carolina woman has been found guilty of wire fraud after authorities found out she exploited a costly glitch on home shopping site QVC.com.

    According to the charges, 33-year-old Quantina Moore-Perry ordered a total of more than 1800 items from the online store from March 2005 and November 2005, but didn't pay for any of them.

    Apparently she found a glitch where she would place an order, cancel it at a specific time, and never be charged.  However, the order would still be sent to her.  She then sold the items of Ebay.

    She reportedly received more than $412,000 worth of goods over the 8-month period.  QVC was tipped off by two people who bought the goods from Ebay, who expressed concerns when they noticed all the new items with QVC packaging selling at less than the home shopping site advertised them.

    Moore-Perry pleaded guilty to the crime in federal court and agreed to give back the total cash amount of the illegitimately received items.  She was released pending sentencing.