Apple expands Best Buy relationship, limits deal with Circuit City

  • Cupertino (CA) - After a rocky back-and-forth with Best Buy, Apple has announced it is happy with its current relationship with the electronics giant and will scrap efforts to build up its presence at Circuit City.

    Earlier this year, Apple began aggressively fostering a partnership with Best Buy, putting mini Apple stores in 230 BB locations across the country.  
    The selected stores contain all the latest Mac computers, software, and accessories.  Best Buy has always carried iPod devices, but several years ago it decided to focus exclusively on Windows-based computer products.

    The Cupertino-based consumer tech company also struck a similar pilot program with Circuit City, installing similar displays at a handful of high traffic locations.

    According to Apple Insider, though, Apple has told Circuit City that it is discontinuing that program.  Resources will instead be devoted to expanding its program at Best Buy.  40 more Best Buy stores will be receiving the full Apple makeover, bringing the total number to 270.

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