Google adds IMAP to Gmail

  • Mountain View (CA) – Email addicts everywhere are rejoicing because of Gmail’s new IMAP feature.   Emails from the popular web-based service can now be synchronized almost immediately to several devices at once, all without having to visit the website.

    Video tutorial of how to set up Outlook 2007 for Gmail IMAP

    The new feature is fairly easy to use and you just have to go into your Gmail account settings and enable IMAP.  At this point not all accounts are IMAP ready because Google is rolling out the feature over the next few days.

    David Murray, Associate Product Manager for Google, blogs about the new feature here. He says people have constantly asked if Gmail was ever going to do IMAP.  Now he can happily say Yes.  “In fact, we are doing it for you for free on all devices and platforms,” adds Murray.

    Google has offered POP email service to millions of users for years.  While popular, POP doesn’t synchronize emails and changes between devices.  In addition, most people use Gmail by going to the website.

    The new IMAP service will shoot emails to all desktops, laptops and phones almost simultaneously.  Changes done to emails on one device will also update on others.

    For instructions on how to set up your Outlook to use Gmail’s new IMAP feature, watch our video above.  Apple iPhone users can set up their email program by watching Google’s YouTube video.