Siggraph 2007: 2objet’s prototyping printer whips up wrenches in minutes

  • San Diego (CA) – Three dimensional printers have grown up and are now popping out complicated objects in mere minutes.  At the Siggraph convention in San Diego, we saw 2object’s Eden260 printer blaze away, making plastic wrenches in front of awed spectators.  Watch our video to see the printer in action.

    The Eden260 lays down layers of non-toxic photopolymer acrylic.  Objects with walls as thin as .6 mm can be created and the printer has a resolution of 600, 300 and 1600 dpi in the x, y and z-axis respectively.

    2-kilogram cartridges of resin are loaded into the front of the printer.  Both opaque and clear plastic is available and the prototypes can be easily painted.